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Car Repair Services in Villa Park, IL
Suburban Driveline, Inc., provides extensive car repair services throughout the Villa Park, IL, area. We offer car repair for all varieties of cars and trucks. Our services help you get back on the road safely without worrying about your vehicle’s performance.

Discover Our Car and Truck Repair Services
Our services include repair and maintenance for all car and truck shafts & differentials. Whatever vehicle you drive, come to us, and we'll work closely with you to repair your vehicle. We inspect your vehicle to determine what needs to be addressed and we present the options available to you for repairs.
We also offer 4X4 and front wheel drive repair. Our services are designed to keep your vehicle driving smoothly. We also operate one of the largest Illinois State Safety Inspection Lanes for cars and trucks, so we understand vehicle safety.
Our team also works with you to remanufacture a range of parts for high-end cars and trucks, including:
•    Axles
•    Differentials
•    Front and rear driveshafts
Our team also works with you to install and maintain plow frames on your truck. If you want a snow plow on your vehicle to bring some flexibility to your driving and to help you keep your property clear of snow.

Schedule a Repair
Since 1977, we have provided comprehensive truck and car repair to individuals throughout the Chicagoland Area. We are a family owned business that will continue to serve the community for decades to come. We use our decades of experience to ensure that your vehicle receives precise and proper care.
We maintain an extensive inventory of vehicle parts that contains standard and custom parts. Our inventory helps us provide quick repair services when you need them.
Suburban Driveline Inc. offers car and truck repair services in the Chicagoland area so that you can keep your Car or Truck in working order. Call (630) 941-7101 to schedule an inspection today.

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