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About Us

Suburban Driveline has been a family owned business since 1977 starting out on Wintrop in Addison and moving to its existing location in 1985. Although family members have come and gone it is still family owned and run.
In 1979 Phill jumped in to the Monster Truck and MudBog Racing and to this day promotes multiple Monster Truck Racing Shows.
Suburban has over 40 years of manufacturing drivelines including Shafts, Axles, Differentials, Gears, Suspension, from the ordinary to the wildly custom. The crew is used to customers bringing in a piece of equipment that is damaged and needs to be replicated.
In 1995 Phill started selling Plow equipment and installing plow frames on trucks. Suburban carries or can get plow parts almost always in one day. Along with installing plows on vehicles the crew is able to install the additional suspension equipment to support the additional weight and abuse a plow truck needs to take.

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